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It’s a quick throwback to my youthful years!
I never expected that a guy might not feel like having sex. However, several situations where I was very stressed, lost weight and ate poorly very quickly had negative effects. Not only were thoughts swirling around in my head, but my member stopped standing at attention. When I talked to my friends they laughed that I was “aldente”. In the beginning I laughed along with them, but my relationships did not always end in complete satisfaction. I even went to see a specialist who said that, apart from a psychological background, I was not providing the right substances. Near the surgery they recommended Stinafil Up. Already after taking the second dose, I felt that I was back with renewed vigour and I was definitely no longer “aldente”!

Michael – USA

I finally feel confident.
Stinafil Up capsules have transformed me. I gained confidence, reduced stress and rose to the occasion. In my 30s, sex wasn’t always so relaxing. Often times when I was tired after work I just couldn’t cope. Now, even when I get little sleep I am able to satisfy my sexual partner!

Hans – Germany

My complexes disappeared within two days!
Apart from erection problems, I was never happy with the length of my penis. It looked like a thin pointy pencil. After just two days of using Stinafil Up, its volume increased noticeably and my potency problems were a thing of the past! I would recommend to any conscious guy.

Peter – Slovenia

Stinafil Up – an effective aid to improving erections

Sexual life has always been one of the most important human spheres. A rich erotic life and full sexual readiness is an indicator of virility for every man. Unfortunately, there are times when a deterioration of libido becomes noticeable. While the first signs are usually ignored, subsequent slip-ups during erotic play begin to enter a psychological basis. Many men count on the problem solving itself and hope that each subsequent time will be much better than the previous one.

effective aid to improving erections

While the aforementioned theory is not reflected in practice, the search for the golden potency cure begins. Since ancient times, men have used all sorts of herbs or substances to bring back the desire for sex.  In addition, young men love to broaden their sexual experience, have more orgasms and enjoy a larger member. In the 21st century, this situation is exaggerated to the point of exaggeration; the market for dietary supplements on pharmacy shelves sometimes exceeds the number of headache tablets.  How do you recognise effective erection enhancers? Stinafil Up comes to the rescue – a product taking its name from a world-famous erection enhancer. This is because the active ingredient in the blue, diamond-shaped tablets has a similar name all over the world.

Thousands of recommendations from across Europe are no coincidence. See below why Stinafil Up is the solution to erectile dysfunction in less than 7 days.

Why is it worth reaching for Stinafil Up?

Erogenic stimuli (arousal stimulators) are responsible for male erection. In order for it to occur, the stimulus must “work” in the form of, for example: erotic fantasies, sensual experiences of all kinds or the awareness of imminent sexual intercourse. During an erogenous stimulus, the arteries dilate, the signal reaches the main centre located in the spinal cord and the penis fills with blood, making it harder and bigger and enabling the man to have sexual initiation.

Erectile dysfunction (sexual impotence) results from a break in the chain, i.e. the arrival of the stimulus at the erectile centre. This depends mainly on reduced testosterone levels in the body. Reduced testosterone levels, in turn, are the result of frequent stress, depression, frequent work under pressure, not having a partner, low self-esteem or even a poor diet. Sexual desire is felt very infrequently, causing many men to fall into a vicious circle of avoiding sex life. Sexual impotence is a very embarrassing problem, but one that can be overcome at any age.  In this case, it is worth reaching for help with Stinafil Up capsules.

The authors of the unique formula contained in Stinafil Up capsules subscribe with both hands to the statement that:

“a neglected erection in a man is the result of negligence and not a natural process”.

Stinafil Up - is the solution

This product is the solution to men’s “silent” problems

Developed by specialists, the product recommends and sells thousands of units per day already worldwide. The Stinafil Up supplement comprehensively protects the male body. The action of the product is based on a three-phase form of releasing active substances, thanks to which spectacular effects are felt even after discontinuing the product. Stinafil Up is a 100% safe formula, because over the years of experience it has been based only on ingredients of natural origin.

Three-phase form of active substance release

What is the gradual release of the individual ingredients? Why is the three-phase effect better than simple capsule absorption?

  • The preparatory phase – known as the initial phase, the body reacts very intensively to MAC root extract in particular, so that all harmful toxins are removed from the body. It is also at this point that the absorption of more stress-reducing substances begins day by day.
  • Supportive phase – otherwise known as the essential phase. The body responds perfectly to l-arginine. Grey cells start to respond to the stimuli of the antidepressants and blood flow is much faster in the lower part of the body. The blood supply to the penis is much more noticeable and erections are longer and last for a very long time. The core phase manifests itself after 5 days of use.
  • Full stabilisation phase – these are the final weeks of taking Stinafil Up. This is the phase in which the product has already fulfilled its effect, but for the hormone-muscle memory it is the most important period for remembering stimuli during an erection. The longer the stabilisation phase, the more lasting the effects after stopping Stinafil Up.

Taking Stinafil Up for best results is recommended: 1 tablet 20min before breakfast and then also one tablet 20min before dinner. The product should be taken with water or juice. It is not recommended to drink Stinafil Up with milk due to the weaker absorption of amino acids by dairy products. The recommended daily intake and systematic use of Stinafil Up guarantees the improvement of sexual life and enhancement of a man’s potency for a much longer time than before!

scientific lecture on male impotence

Stinafil Up – safe formulation, full readiness

Only a specially selected formulation of the natural composition of Stinafil Up capsules gives confidence to achieve a full erection and improve sexual life. Systematic use in a short time will translate into confidence and increased frequency of intercourse. The high concentration of active ingredients supports a natural increase in testosterone resulting in improved mental awareness. To give you an idea of the effects of the individual ingredients, we have listed them below according to a hierarchy.

  • L-arginine – an essential amino acid that makes blood vessels dilate throughout the body. L-arginine improves the oxygenation of the muscles and the entire circulatory system, making the penis wider and achieving an erection much faster. High-dose L-arginine also prevents so-called premature ejaculation and the man achieves longer and stronger erections.[1]
  • MACa root extract – a popular detoxifier for the body. Releases harmful toxins from the body in a very short time, which can have an impact on the deterioration of mood and, consequently, erection problems.[2]
  • Fenugreek extract – used as a potent estrogen in Stinafil Up. Increases the concentration of testosterone in the body. Scientifically proven to support the immune system, combat impotence problems and has a strong stimulating effect. After a short period of use, it increases vitality and the desire for sexual intercourse.[3]
  • Zinc – responsible for stimulating prostate function. In the composition of Stinafil Up, Zinc is the 4th most important ingredient. It has a very positive effect on fertility, sperm are more active, and it effectively protects the body against prostate disease.
  • Damiana Powder Extract – this is an ingredient picked up from the ancient Mayans. Just the smallest dose of extract from the leaves of the Damiana herb has a regenerative effect on every man. It naturally improves mood, gives a feeling of confidence, helps to achieve hormonal balance and strongly sensitises the senses during sexual initiation. The effect of the extract used in Stinafil Up is scientifically proven and used in many sexual therapies around the world.
  • Muira Puama – a plant straight from South America. It has been used by Indians for centuries as a source of vital energy and as an aphrodisiac. It is an Amazonian variety of the European Yohimbine. Muira Puama relieves stress and significantly increases libido. In the Orinoco, it is hailed as the ‘tree of potency’.[4]

Better sex = a more comfortable life. Effects of Stinafil Up

Stinafil Up is an innovation in the fight against impotence. It is a remedy that cannot be called ad hoc. The body is not doomed to end up with a correct potency after a full treatment. Stinafil Up maintains its effects for a very long time and men are not exposed to any side effects.

better sex with Stinafil Up

The effect of Stinafil Up is a resultant of calm thoughts and excess testosterone

The quality of designing an effective dietary supplement for erection problems was determined by making a product which would maintain its effect long after treatment. Sexology specialists involved in a number of research projects jointly came to the conclusion that the method of releasing the substance could not be strictly uniform. This is how the three-phase release formula of Stinafil Up was developed.

The American formula of selected ingredients acts primarily on the male’s psychological foundation, from which most symptoms of impotence arise. Starting with an anti-stress effect, the body is prepared to move towards hormonal balance. As cortisol levels (popularly known as the stress hormone) fall, the male body can be stimulated to produce more testosterone. Stinafil Up owes its effect precisely to the dulling of the negative mental stimulus.

Stinafil Up – the reviews speak for themselves. Scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of these capsules!

Before Stinafil Up capsules were launched on the European market, a series of more than a dozen studies were initiated. Trials were conducted on several experimental groups of volunteers. One such study was to test testosterone levels in men aged 19-46 years who complained of erection problems. The questionnaires were anonymous and the 32 participants were divided into two groups. One that took the full dose of the Stinafil Up supplement for eight weeks and the other group a placebo. What were the results of the study?

More than impressive! As it turned out, following publication in Sexual&Human News, the average testosterone level measured in points (from 1 to 32) before the study was 8.4, after treatment it jumped up to 21 points, while the placebo group recorded a jump of 2.3 points.

In addition, each participant completed the questionnaire again two weeks after the study. One of the questions in the survey was to rate the quality of sexual life on a scale of 1 to 10. All participants in the group undergoing treatment with Stinafil Up increased their responses by at least 2 points. The author of the idea did not refrain from commenting that only natural methods of erectile dysfunction are effective and that other ad hoc measures only give the illusion of eliminating the problem.

The table below shows the weekly effects of using Stinafil Up based on the studies conducted (results from the first three weeks):

Group / effects Improving erections Improved well-being Willingness to have sex
Stinafil Up +93% +75% +211%
Placebo Group +17% +11% +42%

Stinafil Up is a trust and “satisfaction” guarantee

Stinafil UpStinafil Up capsules are an innovative formula in the field of urology. A project inspired by the recommendations of one of the world’s top sexology specialists. It has quickly gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of customers from all over Europe. Stinafil Up is a reliable aid to achieving full satisfaction. It is a natural way to have more sexual initiations. The scientifically proven formula of Stinafil Up starts its action already on the psychological basis. It is the only way to restore an excellent erection and desire for erotic games.

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One of the statements at the annual presentation of scientific sexological achievements in Ohio was “we eradicate any impotence at the very centre of its formation – the brain”. Which supports the idea behind the three-phase design of the Stinafil Up formula. According to the recommendations of scientists from around the world, and our portal, it is safe to say that Stinafil Up is an excellent way to fight erection problems. A successful sex life is the basis for the existence of body and soul, so when you see the first symptoms of erection problems it is worth directing your trust in Stinafil Up.

FAQ – Stinafil Up

Are there any contraindications to using the product?
No, if you want to improve the quality of your sex life Stinafil Up will be an excellent choice. Remember, this is a special purpose product that helps you develop your sexual game. Because of this, the product is only recommended for people over the age of 18.

Does Stinafil Up cause any negative side effects?
Absolutely not! The composition is based exclusively on extracts from plants grown on certified crops. Quantitative studies and feedback from users of these capsules have not shown any negative side effects. The product is 100% safe for health. Before use, however, we recommend reading its composition to eliminate a potential source of allergic situations.

I have often used pills of unknown origin to improve my potency, will Stinafil Up help me after stopping them?
In this case, it is best to start using Stinafil Up on a saturation basis. Take 2 capsules a day, but due to the frequent use of impotence pills, the concentrations of which may have been inaccurate, a minimum 30-day treatment with Stinafil Up is recommended.

Do you have more questions about the product? Would you like to know more? Do you lack answers to your questions? We would be happy to provide you with more information about the product. Write to us: You can also leave your enquiry in the comments below.


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